In Germany you are free to choose and change your own general practitioner or specialist doctor, for example surgeon or dermatologist. You can gain helpful information about doctors on the following special web sites:

At some web pages there are rankings of doctors, which could be especially important when choosing a doctor in a new city. At some pages, for example at Sanego, when choosing a specific doctor you can see the languages which the doctor speaks. We have prepared a list of English-speaking doctors for you. However, we do not take any responsibility for the quality of their medical services or language knowledge and provide this list only for informational purposes:

General practitioner






If you have an emergency event or an acute pain and you cannot wait for the doctor’s opening hours, you can call Emergency (under the number 112) or get to the Accident and Emergency Unit of the nearest hospital. Do not forget to take your insurance card and ID card with you. Please note that not every hospital will accept you. There is an emergency service schedule for each city. You can find a detailed schedule under this link.


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