Welcome to Aachen!


Are you new in Aachen? You do not know how you can find a place to live, how to get around or what you can do in your free time? You would like to get to know new people and are looking for the best ways to do so?

Then this page is the right place for you! KEY2AC is an information portal for students who have come to Aachen either from the other German cities or from abroad. It will give you a great overview about the everyday life in the city of Aachen!

We are an initiative group of four students from the University of Applied Studies Aachen, who were once in the same situation – new to the city of Aachen - and had the same questions when we first arrived here. We decided to put our efforts together and to combine all the necessary information to make your adaptation and stay in Aachen as quick and easy as possible.

If you have just arrived to the city or plan to do so in the nearest future, here is a very important information from the German authorities that you really need to consider during your first days in the city:

Your MUST DOs upon arrival in Aachen


Photo: ©Nataliya Shipulina