The city of Aachen is divided into seven neighborhoods: Aachen-Mitte, Richterich, Laurensberg, Haaren, Eilendorf, Brand and Kornelimünster / Walheim.


Aachen-Mitte is the heart of the city of Aachen. Here, and especially in the city center live many students. Aachen-Mitte offers a lot of shops, pubs, cafés, restaurants, nightclubs and of course lots of sightseeing especially in the old town.


Laurensberg is located north-west of Aachen. The area goes from Vaalserquartier on the Dutch border to the foot of the Lousberg, the highest point in the city, which not only attracts walkers and joggers, but also lovers. Citizens here live in this mountain flexible, mobile and cosmopolitan.


In Richterich is located the oldest castle in Aachen and in Horbach the castle Heyden. The people from Richterich benefit from easy access to Aachen, Herzogenrath and the Netherlands. This place is good for children, the traffic is still manageable and there are no anonymous neighborhoods. The fields around invite to cycling and hiking.

Haaren and Eilendorf

Not in the city and yet in Aachen is the motto of this place. Not in the city means that rent and land prices are well below those in the inner city. Not in the city also means being fast with buses in the city center. In Verlautenheide there are shops for everyday life and driving just above the Aachen junction, residents can shop already in Wuerselen. The urban forest is very close. In Haaren the development areas mingle with old established structures. Flower shops, clothing stores, corner shops and tanning salons are located on the main street and driving along the Jülicher street you come into Aachen center. With twelve children playgrounds Eilendorf is hard to beat.


Brand is a small village in itself, located at the end of the Trier road on the way to the Eifel mountains.

Kornelimünster / Walheim

This municipality has retained its village charm. It borders the northern edge of the Eifel and is the most southern district of Aachen. Who looks for nature, tranquility and holiday homes, can find here an small oasis. Kornelimünster and Walheim are located in the oldest nature reserve in Aachen - the "KlauserwÄldchen".

Source: Aachen Emotion