At the beginning of each semester "Housing" is an important topic for many students at Aachen. The first place to go for this is the Student union (Studentenwerk). But the halls of residence do not have many rooms and the waiting list is very long. In this case you can look for flat share. You can find the flat shares with these search functions:,,,, oder

In addition there is a facebook group called “WG Zimmer frei in Aachen” where you also can find a flat share.

How to find the appropriate room mate?

At first, it is important that you like your mate. Therefore a first impression through a personal meeting or a phone call can be helpful. Additionally you can use google-search or you can look for common friends in facebook to get more information about that person.
The same diurnal rhythm is also an advantage. If you are used to go to bed early you won’t get along with a person who party all night long and in contrary. That’s why it is important to clear these things previously.



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